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Re: [Advocate Play Ogg] Help with embedding ogg files in a web page

From: xiando
Subject: Re: [Advocate Play Ogg] Help with embedding ogg files in a web page
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 00:47:32 +0100
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> > > Can anyone help here?

I hate to say this, but no.

> > There's two ways to embed Ogg Audio AKA Vorbis in a web page:
> > * the <audio> tag of HTML 5, but it works only in the Firefox and Opera
> > browsers
> I tried it, but it is not working as of now.

People in the neighborhood have come to know me as a "computer expert" who can 
help them with their computers. I cleaned up a neighbors Windows 98 computer 
the other day. He was using Internet Explorer 6 to browse the web until I 
installed Opera.

I don't care what's in HTML 5. It's a non issue if you want to embed media in 
web pages until or unless you can expect 90% - not 0.9% like today - of the 
people visiting your site to have a browser with support for it.

Everybody, even the guy next door with Win98, have flash installed, and - I 
hate to say this - that is what you should be using if you really need to 
embed the video in the browser. There are many excellent flash players who 
can embed *MP3* files into web pages and that's what you should be doing IF 
you want the OGG file embedded in a web page.

If you think it is acceptable to add a "Click here to download" link and add 
the text "Then open the file in your favorite ogg/ogm compatible player" then 
do use Ogg Vorbis / Theora.

> > * the Cortado player, which works everywhere and it's easy to
> > configure, but computers need to have the Java engine installed (if
> > the computer uses then it has Java support)
> I don't know if we could rely on java presence but lets see.

Most people don't have Java installed. I don't, and I never will.

>> This is true, but Mr. Praveen, there's one thing you need to
>> understand, Ogg is not backed by a big corporation.  Ogg is supported
>> by the common people like you, and if the common people don't do their
>> contribution to make sure Ogg works everywhere, then Ogg dies.  The
>> most important contribution is to publish and share Ogg files on the
>> Internet and in real life.
> I agree completely. That is why I am trying to help them and asking
> here for help.

Yeah, yeah, Ogg For The Win, etc. But you got to be honest.

You can provide a simple download link to Ogg files and explain how to 
obtain/install some players for it. If you really, really need to have audio 
embedded into web pages then you can forget Ogg and use a flashplayer which 
plays a MP3 file, or forget about it.

Do feel free to correct me if there actually IS a way to put a Ogg file into a 
web page which allows 90+% of your visitors to play it. I'd sure as hell like 
to know how. And I don't give a crap about oh it's so sad that nobody cares 
about Ogg and no corporation supports it and blah blah blah....

The question was "We have someone here trying to embed ogg files in web page 
(language lessons) (..) Can anyone help here?" and the answer is NO, you 
can't, provide a download link or don't use Ogg.

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