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[Adsyc-user] job fishing rod

From: Emm Beach
Subject: [Adsyc-user] job fishing rod
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 21:28:51 -0300

Naught else could be wrung from him by any tormentthat is known.
Moreover didthey not live in my house at Memphis as father and daughter?
Shall we not behead this man at once and make an end?
May it please the King, Obil is here as the King commanded, said thecaptain. How soon men forget the voices of those they thought fair enough tohold close not a sunrise ago! Do you hear that you are condemned todie? More, he had driven a knife into herthroat to still her struggles while he robbed her.
Nor was oneneeded at this season of the year when no rain fell. O King, he said, the Kings command cannot be carried out on theinstant. It is enough, said Belshazzar, when the interpreter had renderedthem all.
They bore them in withribald shouts and lo!
Nay, O King, his name is Ramose, she exclaimed astonished.
I stumbled on dragging Myra with me; we came to thehidden door. I heard her scream my name; I sawher fall and vanish beneath the stamping feet. Some of that glittering mob were overthrownand trampled, among them my mother.
A madness fell upon thecompany and the rage of terror. At that moment the moon thathad been half hidden by a cloud, shone out fully. Well, soon we shall hear another story from you. They stared astonished and terrified; in uttersilence they sat still and stared.
You have heard, he said in that horrible soft voice of his.
But doubtless you have your reasons which it does notbecome me to ask.
Well, soon we shall hear another story from you. Can you not take me back by the road we came, Lady? How came you here and for what purpose, O Ptahmes?
She peered down the little passage to learnwhether it were empty, and I glanced back at the hall.

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