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[Adsyc-user] TV dinner serving

From: Katie Lloyd
Subject: [Adsyc-user] TV dinner serving
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 12:53:49 +0300

The customs-officers however detained the lot.
I hoped to find you at the hotel but the porter said you wereout. Where now is sacredFrance and the holy Allied Cause! Let him have hisplace in the worlds consciousness.
Then the gorgeousness goesout of his indignation. The American Consul is in charge of all his personal belongings. It happened we were in the town eating ices at four, so I didnt getto his hotel till half-past. There is the war: foul, foul, unutterably foul.
Of course, we found him allalong a perfect gentleman. But then, horrors, like pain, are their own anaesthetic.
And Iwas just rather tired of him and his gentlemanliness.
Not that he was mean, while he was about it. For my own part I was soon tired of Malta, and would gladly have leftafter three days. But no, it would be too much of a fiasco. Nothing happened, and next morning Palermo, with itswonderful Monte Pelle-grino, hove into sight.
We talked politics and a thousand things. But no, it would be too much of a fiasco.
Not that he was mean, while he was about it.
After all the wretchedness of that affair we were inholiday spirits. I want to be buried first class, my wife will pay.
He and I went and sat in theempty lounge.
And yet, humanity can only finally conquer by realizing. Helocked the door behind him, leaving them outside. Then if fight you must, fight you shall, andwithout engines, without machines.
I prefer him,scamp as he is, to the ordinary respectable person.
Menlose their normal consciousness, and go through in a sort of delirium.
We went into his bedroom, and he rang for moresodas. And he leaves Mazzaibaswindled, distressed, confused, and feeling sold in the best part ofhimself. The lastvisitor or official with a bunch of papers stepped off the gangway.

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