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[Xbubble-users] Stealing stuff from frozen-bubble

From: Martin Quinson
Subject: [Xbubble-users] Stealing stuff from frozen-bubble
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 16:02:20 +0200
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on http://www.nongnu.org/xbubble/, you say that you wait for patchs to
enhance the graphics, and add levels.

Well, now, you could take this from frozen-bubble, which comes with really
nice graphics, and with 100 levels.

I am willing to help here, but there is so ground decision I cannot meat
myself. For example, in fb, bubbles do not explode at all, and all of them
fall. It would allow us to get rid of a whole bunch of png in xbubble, but
need a modification of the source code. Are you ok with it, or do you prefer
not to get the graphics from fb to keep your ball explosion?

In fb, you cannot get a red ball if there is no red ball already on the
board. I think it's cool. Do you agree, and let me try to change that, or do
you want to stick to the current behaviour?

What's the point of the single player game vs the challenge mode? Is single
player were the game loading stuff should take place, and challenge for
random boards? We could merge those two, and let the player choose which
level he wants to play at the beginning of the game (with valid answers
being 1->100 or random).

I like fb very much, and play it quite extensively. Sadly, its internals
aren't clean enough to let me hope of major improvement (like colaborative
game on big board, or network game). The source code of xbubble is very
impressive and clean. I guess there is something to do here...

Thanks, Mt.

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          --- éphéméride du 19 juin

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