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Weiwen Chen | Hello everyone! I want to contribute.

From: Weiwen Chen
Subject: Weiwen Chen | Hello everyone! I want to contribute.
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2021 17:47:47 +0800

Hey there:
I'm a university student in my forth year, a Chinese native speaker. And I want to contribute to the Chinese translation of FSF's articles. My blog (Chinese and/or English) is ofey404.github.io.

我是一名大学四年级学生,母语是中文。我希望参与到自由软件基金会文章的中文翻译中。我的博客是 ofey404.github.io,中英文的文章都有。


Besides, is task #15966 good for me to start? I'm not sure whether it's a open task, or somebody has done half of it, though it's inside task list and assigned with nobody.

另外,我可以试试 #15966 号任务么?不太清楚有没有人已经在做了,虽然它在任务列表里躺着,也没有分配给谁。


And a bug report (maybe) on https://www.gnu.org/server/standards/translations/zh-cn/workflow.zh-cn.html
All Chinese characters are garbled when visited by chromium based browser like vivaldi or google chrome. Firefox is fine.

报一个似乎是 bug 的东西:https://www.gnu.org/server/standards/translations/zh-cn/workflow.zh-cn.html
在用基于 chromium 的浏览器访问这个页面的时候,中文字符会乱码。用火狐就挺好的。

Best Wishes
Weiwen Chen

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