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[Chinese-translators] Chinese thegnuproject.html on-lined, after a long

From: Chao-Hong Liu
Subject: [Chinese-translators] Chinese thegnuproject.html on-lined, after a long process ....
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 10:42:41 +0800 (CST)

Dear Colleagues,

After a long long process here comes a Chinese
translation of thegnuproject.  It seems that I have to
do some explaination on this:

1.we have another exterior team (Starm's) did the
translation as well, and their requirement on putting
their translatings on GNU url is that after they have
physically published the works.

2.to do this, about three to four members of our team
(mostly done by Syue-Ping Ma) proof-read all their
works (more than thirty essays), but it looks like
that these translatings still need more to get
published.  That means I have to find a way to put
them into some standard for this.

To Syue-Ping Ma, I would like to thank you for all
your works, and please don't be frustrated about most
of your efforts cannot still open to the public.

And especially to Dr Zhu, you have my sincere apology
on delaying this translating for such a long time.  I
was then waiting for Starm's works and incorporated
two versions into one already.  After the last time we
talked about this, I found you original version from
my archive to work on, and here are the results.  Wish
you would like them:


Should Chinese readers have any question on this,
please send comment to Dr Zhu or I, we are glad to
make more improvements according to your suggestions.

Thank you very much,



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