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[Wwwnb] [gnu.org #239245] translated front pag e into norwegian bokmål

From: Jorge Barrera Grandon via RT
Subject: [Wwwnb] [gnu.org #239245] translated front pag e into norwegian bokmål
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 18:51:14 -0400

> home.shtml is now translated into norwegian bokmål.
> also the norwegian nynorsk home.no.shtml has been renamed into
> both changes is reflected in translations.include
Hello Thomas.

As you now can see I've become a GNU webmaster. I apologize for the
delay, I'll make sure the changes are applied to the site as soon as

> BTW, could you please subscribe me and Jorge <address@hidden> to the
> diffmon-web mailinglist?

As you may know the diffmon-mailinglist hasn't been working for a while,
but a solution is underway. I will notify you as soon as I know more
about it.

Jorge Barrera Grandon
GNU Webmaster

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