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wget2 | * configure.ac: Fix OpenSSL library name (!500)

From: Dmitry Marakasov (@AMDmi3)
Subject: wget2 | * configure.ac: Fix OpenSSL library name (!500)
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2021 11:55:11 +0000

Dmitry Marakasov created a merge request: 

Project:Branches: AMDmi3/wget2:AMDmi3-master-patch-86810 to gnuwget/wget2:master
Author:   Dmitry Marakasov

### Approver's checklist:

* [ ] The author has submitted the FSF Copyright Assignment and is listed in 
* [ ] There is a test suite reasonably covering new functionality or 
* [ ] Function naming, parameters, return values, types, etc., are consistent 
with existing code
* [ ] This feature/change has adequate documentation added (if appropriate)
* [ ] No obvious mistakes / misspelling in the code

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