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Re: wget2 | Add FTP & FTPS support (#3)

From: @rockdaboot
Subject: Re: wget2 | Add FTP & FTPS support (#3)
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 12:45:12 +0000

Tim Rühsen commented:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this discussion pro/con FTP(S).

The interest in FTP support seems high, so let's not discuss any more *if* we 
need FTP but *how* we want to implement it. The code from wget is already there 
and battle-tested - we just have to create an API for it when copying it into 

So far the following options have been mentioned:
1. Use the FTP API directly from wget2.  
   Pros: Maybe the least implementation work.  
   Cons: Maintainability of wget2 decreases. Doesn't scale in case we want to 
support more different protocols as well.
2. Use the FTP API from a wget2 plugin.  
   Pros: Cleanest implementation. Maintainability roughly stays as is. An FTP 
plugin is a nice template for other protocol plugins.  
   Cons: The implementation work is higher than with 1.
3. Create an own tool (wget2-ftp).  
   Pros: Wget2 isn't touched at all. No more command line options. No ambiguous 
command line options (some work with HTTP but not with FTP or the other way 
round). Clean separation between protocols. Highest maintainability.
   Cons: Not user friendly in case of mixed protocols (HTTP/FTP URLs) in 
recursive downloads.
This is definitely not complete. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas - 
just comment and I'll update the above list.

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