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Re: wget2 | WIP: test interrupt responses with http2 (!466)

From: Rohan Fletcher
Subject: Re: wget2 | WIP: test interrupt responses with http2 (!466)
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2020 18:53:18 +0000

Rohan Fletcher commented:

I got mitmproxy working to intercept traffic between the test and the test 

A couple of issues have been confirmed:
- (file3.bin) When the test server callback interrupts the response halfway, 
the server 'pads' the response, but does not set a pad flag or pad length in 
the Data Frame. The client receives the padded frame thinking its the actual 
frame and gets confused about the length.
- (file2.bin) When the server callback interrupts the response immediately 
without sending data, it still sends a RST_STREAM. mitmproxy does not send that 
on. So the client times out, but without the RST_STREAM frame, the test returns 
the wrong return code (0 instead of 4)

Things to follow up:
- Investigate adding support for RST_STREAM in mitmproxy
- Investigate padding in libmicrohttpd-http2

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