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[Wget-dev] wget2 | Convert links (-k) fails with query string resources

From: Emi
Subject: [Wget-dev] wget2 | Convert links (-k) fails with query string resources (#453)
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2019 16:11:37 +0000

Emi created an issue:

  When downloading resources with query strings attached, I find that any link 
to a resource containing a query string fails to be accurately converted.

In order to reproduce, I recommend using a local webserver with two elements, 
`page.html` which contains the tag `<img src="image.webp?some-qs"/>`, and some 
image file associated with that.  Then executing `wget2 -pk 
localhost:2015/page.html` ought to download both resources, and adjust the 
`src` value of the img tag to point to the locally downloaded image.  The 
actual result is `<img src="image.webp?some-qs"/>`, which leaves the question 
mark intact, thus causing it to be ignored by the browser.  Thus, this image 
actually refers to the (missing) file `image.webp`, instead of the file that 
was downloaded, `image.webp?some-qs`.  In order to accurately link these files, 
the source attribute should be `image.webp%3Fsome-qs`.

In wget1, this issue can be circumvented by adding the argument 
`--restrict-file-names=windows`, which causes the image to be saved as 
`image.webp@some-qs`.  However, in wget2, the file is saved as 
`image.webp%3Fsome-qs`, and referred to as `src="image.webp%3Fsome-qs"`, which 
points not to the downloaded file, but to `image.webp?some-qs`.  This ought to 
be saved as `image.webp%253Fsome-qs`.

I believe this issue might be a part of #425, however, I opened it as a new 
issue for a more specific part of the problem.  If you'd rather that I just 
leave this as a comment of 425, I'd be happy to do so instead.

GNU Wget2 1.99.1 (commit 23b68e82557c9297e282b04890bf94164024648e) - 
multithreaded metalink/file/website downloader

+digest +https +ssl/gnutls +ipv6 +iri +large-file +nls -ntlm -opie +psl -hsts
+iconv +idn2 +zlib +lzma +brotlidec +zstd +bzip2 +http2 +gpgme
Linux <hostname> 5.1.15-arch1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jun 25 04:49:39 UTC 
2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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