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[Wget-dev] wget2 | Problems while compiling wget2 in Haiku (#389)

From: DalmeGNU
Subject: [Wget-dev] wget2 | Problems while compiling wget2 in Haiku (#389)
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2018 21:18:01 +0000

New Issue was created.

Issue 389: https://gitlab.com/gnuwget/wget2/issues/389
Author:    DalmeGNU

Today I compiled Wget2 in Haiku (For further information about Haiku please 
check https://www.haiku-os.org/ and 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haiku_(operating_system) ) and I had some 
(little) problems to get it work. We can just discuss them and see what we are 
able to fix:

Well, dependencies can be installed using HaikuDepot, very straight-forward 
(it's like GNU/Linux Synaptic or something like that). The first problem came 
when I executed the bootstrap. There is a moment when it calls a Python script 
which is located  (I guess) at gnulib that it crashes: `/usr/bin/python not 

That is because Haiku is similar in some ways (like its terminal, it comes with 
GNU Coreutils, wget1.x ...) to a Unix-like OS but it's not a Unix-like OS, so 
/usr doesn't exist and "python" is contain in /bin. I fixed creating the /usr 
and /usr/bin directories and making a link there to /bin/python. However, this 
looks like to be a problem for GNUlib but we may fix it in some way (Is it 
possible to detect the OS at the bootstrap and if it's Haiku create that 

After that I had just to type `./configure`. It works OK if, and just if, you 
have set the arch before as x86 (`setarch x86`). If not if returns an error, 
something like: "Compiler doesn't support C99" or something similar. Then just 
type `make` (still with the arch as x86) and you got Wget2 compiled. It works, 
the only thing is that `make install` doesn't work. There is a problem with 
/bin/install but I didn't take a look of what exactly happens (I could do it if 
needed). It isn't much important I guess, but it would be nice if it could be 
compiled without these problems (maybe I can even make a package)

And also I think that I would be interesting to have some information at the 
Wiki (I can write a page I think). If something here isn't clear just tell me, 
I wrote this in a minute :-)

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