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Re: [Wget-dev] wget2 | -X does not work (#365)

From: DalmeGNU
Subject: Re: [Wget-dev] wget2 | -X does not work (#365)
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2018 22:26:12 +0000

This is what I got from GNU Wget 1.18 Manual:

> ‘-X’ option is exactly the reverse of ‘-I’—this is a list of directories 
> excluded from the download. E.g. if you do not want Wget to download things 
> from /cgi-bin directory, specify ‘-X /cgi-bin’ on the command line.
> The same as with ‘-A’/‘-R’, these two options can be combined to get a better 
> fine-tuning of downloading subdirectories. E.g. if you want to load all the 
> files from /pub hierarchy except for /pub/worthless, specify ‘-I/pub 
> -X/pub/worthless’.

IMO, -X should work as the Manual says (directories excluded from the download 
process) but when we combine it with -I and subdirectories (like in the 
example) Wget2 should download all the files in /pub except the ones in 
/pub/worthless just with `-X/pub/worthless` given as argument, without `-I/pub`.

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