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Re: [Wget-dev] wget2 | HTTP/2 Performance (#386)

From: Tim Rühsen
Subject: Re: [Wget-dev] wget2 | HTTP/2 Performance (#386)
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 10:02:15 +0000

We have several 'screws' to decrease CPU usage, but that's another point.

The main thing currently is http2 and the first thing is to increase internal 
buffers - but I can't find the API. BTW i think that the nghttp2 docs are hard 
to read and understand. The naming is awful, the text uses unusual grammar and 
often stay unclear.

My harddisk is not a bottleneck (SSD writing >1GB/s), my network has 250 Mbit/s 

What my measurement shows: http2 takes 2x the time. Your results are much 
worse, right ? We should first find what the difference between our systems are 
(versions of gnutls and libnghttp2).
Here: gnutls 3.5.18, nghttp2 1.32.0).

In the next step we could use wireshark to see the differences between wget2 
and curl, because it looks like a latency problem. I see that our side sends 
many WINDOW_UPDATE - maybe we can switch that off.

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