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[Vemail-devel] Vemail project status update

From: Jama Poulsen
Subject: [Vemail-devel] Vemail project status update
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 17:13:31 +0100
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Here is a status update on the Vemail project, to kick
of the new year. Also check out for
more info on the Vemail project.

I'm happy with the projects design and progress so far,
I hope to make a first public release within a few months.

Before I'm willing to make a release for public testing I'd
like to get the following things fixed/done:

- Cleanup of the Vemail API used by the CGI service scripts

  Most of this work has already been done, but some
  unneeded code parts still remain.

  Good API documentation and small, documented, service
  examples are also missing.

- Fix several input handling bugs (documented in BUGS)

- Better error handling and user feedback in web forms

- Use LDAP schema data for required/optional attributes

  A bit of DSO structure reorganising is needed for this.

- Complete vemailc/ toolset.

  This means implementing the complete vemailc interface
  add/backup/restore/reload functionality.

  Manual page for vemailc.

- Complete web based DSO configuration (using

  Most of this is already in place (with some bugs).

- Restructure Vemail LDAP tree handling for the 'ident' service
  according to:

- Implement role-based Vemail LDAP ACL system

  The identity management design I have for this is
  already quite clear.

- Client-side trigger functionality when modifying RDN
  related fields

I'll post further Vemail project updates when I feel
interesting progress has been made.

Jama Poulsen

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