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[Traverso-user] Traverso 0.30.1 released

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: [Traverso-user] Traverso 0.30.1 released
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 23:57:39 +0200
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Hello world,

The first bug fix release is available for download, some distro packages have 
been updated, other may follow in the future.

The changelog for Traverso 0.30.1 lists the following items:

        * Released 0.30.1
        * Fixed 2 possible crash bugs.
        * Added "merged waveform drawing for stereo tracks"
        * Snapping improved considerably!
        * Traverso builds on Mac OS X now!
        * Fix clip normalization, scans only the Clips source range
        * Move the AudioClip during move visually again to the targetTrack!
        * Solo/Mute improvements
        * Sync audioclip readsource buffers to first point of use in case the 
          sync position of a seek isn't in the range of the audioclip!
          Fixes bug #16919

There is also a Mac OS X bundle, but there are some problems with hold actions 
on this architecture :-(
We hope to be able to figure out what's wrong, so Traverso can be fully used 
on the Mac too!

Have fun using Traverso, and as always, your feedback is mostly welcome ;)

The Traverso Team

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