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Re: Parse error in words-to-avoid

From: Ineiev
Subject: Re: Parse error in words-to-avoid
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 13:39:05 +0000

On 01/25/2014 11:27 AM, Dora Scilipoti wrote:
> On 25/01/2014 11:55, Ineiev wrote:
>> On 01/25/2014 10:37 AM, Dora Scilipoti wrote:
>> It's the result of GNUN bug fixed after the splitting of the list of terms.
>> The translations of that list are hard to maintain unless it's split, so
>> I thought that we'd better have it split even though it breaks gnun-0.8 
>> of words-to-avoid (of course it's possible to revert the splitting if I'm
>> wrong).
> I think the splitting is a good thing, but translators who are using GNUN
> locally may not know what's happening, like myself.

You are right.

>>> should I ignore it and commit anyway?
>> I think so; another option is to use the latest GNUmakefile [0].
>> [0]*checkout*/trans-coord/gnun/server/gnun/GNUmakefile?root=trans-coord
> It is not clear to me what method I should use to replace my current
> GNUmakefile with the new one.

Just copy it to $prefix/share/gnun/; or to server/gnun/
of your working copy where you build the translations.

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