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Parse error in words-to-avoid

From: Dora Scilipoti
Subject: Parse error in words-to-avoid
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 11:37:31 +0100
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I am unable to generate with my local copy of gnun
0.8. I get the following error:

../../philosophy/  &&
/usr/local/libexec/gnun/validate-html-notify --dry-run address@hidden
../../philosophy/ || (echo
"SKIP:" rm -f
../../philosophy/; exit 1)
/tmp/gnun.1.jW1aGK:201: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: p
line 200 and gnun
  <a href="/philosophy/philosophy.html">Otros textos para leer</a> |</gnun> «<a
/tmp/gnun.1.jW1aGK:202: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch:
gnun line 201 and p


<a href="#Vendor">Vendedor</a>»
SKIP: rm -f ../../philosophy/
make: *** [../../philosophy/] Error 1

After careful examination of the PO file, I still can't find the source of
the error. Could it be possible that this error is the result of splitting,
should I ignore it and commit anyway?

Dora Scilipoti
GNU Education Team

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