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trans-coord/gnun/philosophy free-sw.html

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: trans-coord/gnun/philosophy free-sw.html
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 19:10:16 +0000

CVSROOT:        /sources/trans-coord
Module name:    trans-coord
Changes by:     Yavor Doganov <yavor>   12/01/25 19:10:16

Modified files:
        gnun/philosophy: free-sw.html 

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Index: free-sw.html
RCS file: /sources/trans-coord/trans-coord/gnun/philosophy/free-sw.html,v
retrieving revision 1.34
retrieving revision 1.35
diff -u -b -r1.34 -r1.35
--- free-sw.html        29 Nov 2011 19:10:20 -0000      1.34
+++ free-sw.html        25 Jan 2012 19:10:16 -0000      1.35
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
 &ldquo;Free software&rdquo; is a matter of liberty, not price.  To understand
 the concept, you should think of &ldquo;free&rdquo; as in &ldquo;free 
-not as in &ldquo;free beer.&rdquo;
+not as in &ldquo;free beer&rdquo;.
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@
-&ldquo;Free software&rdquo; does not mean &ldquo;noncommercial.&rdquo;  A free
+&ldquo;Free software&rdquo; does not mean &ldquo;noncommercial&rdquo;.  A free
 program must be available for commercial use, commercial development,
 and commercial distribution.  Commercial development of free software
 is no longer unusual; such free commercial software is very important.
@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@
 Another group has started using the term &ldquo;open source&rdquo; to mean
-something close (but not identical) to &ldquo;free software.&rdquo;  We
+something close (but not identical) to &ldquo;free software&rdquo;.  We
 prefer the term &ldquo;free software&rdquo; because, once you have heard that
 it refers to freedom rather than price, it calls to mind freedom.  The
 word &ldquo;open&rdquo; <a 
@@ -434,7 +434,7 @@
 <!-- timestamp start -->
-$Date: 2011/11/29 19:10:20 $
+$Date: 2012/01/25 19:10:16 $
 <!-- timestamp end -->

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