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[Top10-devel] Become employed today in a respectable international compa

From: casar makoto
Subject: [Top10-devel] Become employed today in a respectable international company and reach the financial success. (no investment reqired)
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 02:09:23 +0000

Here's To Biology: Nature's Own Nanomachines Dr. Steve Block, Biology and 
Applied Physics

First and foremost, we would kindly like to express our deep greetings to you 
and your family and wish you all good health and happiness and more success in 
dealing. Our Worldwide Company in search of new staff on different vacancies. 
We are already for a long time in the market and now we employ human resources 
to work from home.

Our Company Main center is positioned in United Kingdom with branches all over 
the world. Our supreme desire now is to expand our business level to more 
countries, so we are advertising here in hope of cooperating with you all. We 
highly appreciate honest and creative employers. You do not need to spend any 
sum of money and we do not ask you to provide us with your bank account 
requisites! We are occupied in totally legal activity and working in our 
company you can achieve career growth at a permanent job.

We are seeking a highly motivated specialist, with experience of working with 
people. The position is home-based. We offer a part-time position with flexible 
working hours. And we would be happy to consider a full-time job share 

The right individual will have good consultation and interpersonal skills and 
some understanding of advertising. Candidates must be able to keep on focused 
and motivated when working alone.

Thank you and we are looking forward to cooperate in long term basis with you 
If you are interested in our vacancies, please feel free to make contact with 
us for further information.
The preference is given to people with knowledge of foreign languages. If you 
are interested please send the following information to: address@hidden
1) Full name
2) Contact phone numbers
3) Languages
4) Part time job/Full time

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
erik jean-cla

Just this April, a large cross-departmental group of Stanford faculty was 
awarded a multi-million dollar grant to take up such challenges and develop new 
devices and technology for use in 3-D ICs. Chidsey, for instance, is one of the 
researchers involved in integrating nanowire transistors into 3-D circuits, 
which requires being able to position nanowires reliably and accurately. With 
the development of 3-D ICs, you can expect all-in-one MP3 
player-telephone-digital camera-PDA devices the size of Star Trek communicators 
to hit the shelves at Fry's within this decade.
Here's To Biology: Nature's Own Nanomachines Dr. Steve Block, Biology and 
Applied Physics
Energy: Self-Assembling Solar Cells Dr. Michael McGehee, Materials Science and 

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