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[Tof-general] Tof Login, Authentication loginform.ihtml

From: Someone
Subject: [Tof-general] Tof Login, Authentication loginform.ihtml
Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 15:58:38 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.2.5i


Must admit that it's a really nice program judging from what i've seen.
The only thing missing is the feature of adding pictures that connects
to several topics, a project wich is listed in the TODO list =)

Anyhow...  i have a little P R O B L E M =)

i've configured everything (according to me) correctly.
Notice the three words within the () and we have probably located
the problem ,)

Thing is, I can not login!
tof/index.html gives me a french page, wich i have pretty much figured out
what it says from the a href= tags... =)

tof/photos.php gives me the sweet UI, with the login button in the upper
left corner.

tof/admin.php gives me a plain white page with the text "In order to access the 
admin pages, your must login."

So, whats the problem then ? you might wonder...


when i try to login (tof/admin.php (and every other login link) it just 
"refreshes the page". Only difference is that it changes to url to:
tof/admin.php?again=yes instead of tof/admin.php.
This is pretty annoying, since i really want to login.

If i do it from the tof/photos.php page, it refreshes like the admin.php but
adds the following to the url: ?again=yes&TopicID=0&Start=0

Still not logged in, or even given a try to login.

If i change the url to tof/loginform.ihtml it gives me the login page, almost...
but there is php tags in it showing on the page, not executed.
And...  at the bottom it directly (when i go to the page, no uname or pwd 
submitted) shows "Either your username or your password are invalid.
Please try again!"

So, shomehow it tries to automaticly logg me into the system, with incorrect
userinformation. must be a cookie or something.

Please help, i really want to get this proggie working.

Best Regards.


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