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[tasklist-idea] Game server: Renju

From: Jonas Koelker
Subject: [tasklist-idea] Game server: Renju
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:48:50 +0100


I'm interested in Renju(*), and as far as I know, there is no GNU
Renju-playing program. So, I suggest that one is made. I have some
sketchy ideas for what I consider logical components, plus some
open-ended questions:

* Server: connects clients
How elaborate should it be?
at minimum, it should accept two clients and have them negotiate game
configuration (color selection, clock, etc.), but more would be nice:
* an arbitrary amount of clients and games.
* allowing clients to observe games.
* allow players to disallow observers.

(*) GUI Client: a la eboard
(*) AI Client: well, go figure.

Any comments? Should I just start a project and, in the words of RMS,
`get with the programming'?

(*) for those who don't know it: it's five-in-a-row with some slightly
more sophisticated rules that attempt to balance the game. It's been
shown that Gomoku (vanilla 5-in-a-row) is won for the player who starts
(typically black, iirc; it's black in renju). It's (very) different from
Pente, another 5-in-a-row variation.

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