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[Style Guide] Feel healthy

From: Ronnie Dickson
Subject: [Style Guide] Feel healthy
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 11:51:15 -0000

RREF Pricle Settles And On The Rise! Time To Get In Is Now!
Revd Reef Labs For New Manufcaturing and Distribution Contract In China!

Compauny red Reef Laboratowries Inc.
Price: $0.352
Vol um e Ex pe ct ations: Huge

RREF has been climbing up and down the pricge ladder due to so many changes 
in the marekt and this compansies dynamic directions and news relesaes.
The pricle has settled and Volufme is rising as investours are jumping in 
before the 
climb. Just look at some of the releases over the last 4 weeks.

This one will climb hard. They have news comincg out end of week and 
it is expected to push this up 300%.

READ up on the news. 
LOOK at the amazing potential and.
GET into RREF Tuesday, November 7, 2006 before the climb continues.

I hope it was a helper. I'll email you later this week.

Ronnie Dickson.

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"and men take care that they should."
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"he has made me so happy," said she, one evening, "by telling me that he was 
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