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[STUMP] 2.2 Binding Keys

From: Thakur Mahashaya
Subject: [STUMP] 2.2 Binding Keys
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2019 12:33:04 +0300

Hi, everybody.....
In the manual:
Function: define-key map key command

Add a keybinding mapping for the key, key, to the command, command, in the specified keymap. If command is nil, remove an exising binding. For example,

(stumpwm:define-key stumpwm:*root-map* (stumpwm:kbd "C-z") "echo Zzzzz...")

Now when you type C-t C-z, you’ll see the text “Zzzzz...” pop up.


can we get a little more of where to enter and what team?

many thanks


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