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[STALEMATE-devel] He whispered to her to get on the back "I'll take you

From: Egor Didwania
Subject: [STALEMATE-devel] He whispered to her to get on the back "I'll take you on a ride from here to eternity" Hell ain't a bad place, Hell is from here to eternity.
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 14:24:52 -0300

T_h*i's g e+m is rea,lly movabl. e!!
T+h_i_s o.n_e is reall-y profi'table!_!!
H*a'v.e y'o*u b-e.e-n wa _tching t+h,i_s f*o.r t+h'e l-a*s-t w*e.e*k_?
T_a k,e a l.o,o,k at it:
re_cent n.e_w,s relea-se's s+e'n_t gene'rati,ng grow ing int-e*rest in C'Y*T,V
Compan',y: CHI,NA YOU+TV C*O R.P (+O,T'C BB:CYT.V.OB*)
S t o c k: C*Y,T-V
Cu+rrent Pri'ce: $_._4.9
4 t h St rai'ght d.a*y+s we h-a v-e s,e_e-n t h*i s climb.. (.S_e+e Yah.oo C-har-t-New N.e,w*s r+elease)
T_h i_s o,n'e h.a+s h'a'd n i c'e re turns f,o-r i*nv*estors o.v-e-r t'h*e sum'mer, and
n o+w sh ows p+romise to begi_n a seco*nd w*a'v*e of ret'urns.
K-e+e-p a e y+e o-u.t ag-ain on We.dnes day A+u-g 15-....
HE'LLO trie.d to u.s+e avai lab le b*and width by m.onito'ring roun *d-trip delay-, b*u+t w,a_s n_o't g_enerall,y suc'ce.ssful at t_h_i-s-.
T.h_e sa-ucepa_ns c'a_m_e tumb _ling d_o_w_n in t*h'e kitc.hen.
B_e.c k - G.uero - 2 0_0*5-.
Ac-ala D.V D C.o+p y 2.
It in'clud_es t+h,e primar,y a,ccount numb+er (,u-p to 18 dig_its) a.n+d t h+e n-a-m-e (+u_p to 26 alp*ha'numeric chara*ct-ers).

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