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[STALEMATE-devel] Re: now hydroplan

From: Saul Edmiston
Subject: [STALEMATE-devel] Re: now hydroplan
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 12:24:51 +0100


VIxAGxRA $3. 35
CIxALxIS $3. 75
VAxLIxUM $1. 30
AMxBIxEN $2. 90
SOxMA    $1. 15

and many other

http://www.rx555*com ( Do not forget to replace "*" with "." )

hundreds and hundreds of candles, floating over the tables in midair.
The four long House tables were packed with chattering students; at the
top of the Hall, the staff sat along one side of a fifth table, facing

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