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[sshproxy-dev] sshproxy release 0.3.2

From: David Guerizec
Subject: [sshproxy-dev] sshproxy release 0.3.2
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 18:08:14 +0200
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I'm glad to announce the release 0.3.2 of sshproxy.

New in this release (changes since 0.3.0):

- All passwords are crypted in the database. Local user passwords are
  hashed with mysql's sha1, and remote user passwords are optionaly
  crypted with blowfish. Two other storage methods are available:
  plain text and base64.

- Configuration file has now a saner format. It is now a .ini that
  contains sections related to the different parts of sshproxy.
  Plugins can have their own section (see logusers plugin).

- Three new functions in the command shell:
  set_login_password, set_login_key and set_rlogin_password to be able
  to change passwords and keys from the shell.

- Configurable auto-add-key feature. If enabled, local users do not
  have to enter their password more than once to log into the proxy
  (old behaviour). The new default behaviour is to *not* auto-add key,
  thus the local users has to enter their password every time.

- Remote command execution is now implemented. What more to say, it
  does seem to work, although it has not been thoroughly tested.

- Scp has been fixed. It didn't work in both directions, and it had
  a little bug that made it sometimes freeze or lose end of files.

A roadmap for future releases is available at:;a=blob;f=ROADMAP

If you have any questions or remarks, please contact me.

Enjoy !


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