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[Spam-discuss] working strategy with pine

From: dashielljt
Subject: [Spam-discuss] working strategy with pine
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 00:04:04 -0400 (EDT)

I got a tip from another user of blind-l and as a result now filter spam
in the following way.  The pine addressbook has my addresses in it of
those that don't send spam.  So I filter based on that addressbook such
that if a sender is found in the addressbook their mail goes to the inbox.
For the rest it goes into spam.  I check spam and find out if any
ligitimate e-mail was dropped in there by mistake and deal with that.
This does happen with a couple e-mail lists even though those lists have
addresses in my addressbook.  Why I don't know.  When the spam comes in, I
don't just delete it either.  I select all of it once any ligitimate
e-mail has been saved or deleted and send all of it by mime digest on a
forward to address@hidden  The reason is, the people over at the f.t.c.
would like everyone to forward their spam to that address to help them
track those people down and put them out of business.  For my money, they
move too slowly but then again they haven't got the kind of shovels the
N.S.A. has which can and do track e-mail back to its original sources.
It takes time either way, and people not even connected with crime may
start out being accused but when the shovels do their work well those
people end up cleared.

Microsoft; mismanagement, and stupidity are all weapons of mass destruction.

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