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Re: [Spam-discuss] Buried

From: Luis Miguel Arteaga
Subject: Re: [Spam-discuss] Buried
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 15:24:47 +0100

The anti-spam system is working good so far. I have saved the last two 
month's messages to count them and have a better idea if it's working or 

>From February 1st until March 21th, 2003, I have received 3043 spam 
messages. From that figure only 918 where with the SPAM flag turned to 
yes, that's about a third of them all. 

My question is: can't the spam level trigger be tighten up a bit so the 
percentage of spam-flagged messages can be more than 30%? 

Another question: Shouldn't these messages be deleted at once in the 
fencepost server before we go and fetch them to our machines, with the 
consequent cost of it?

Thank you all for the good work so far! You have already took rid of 30% my 
spam already! 


     Paul Fisher  wrote:
     > Ward Vandewege wrote:
     > > You are most likely not filtering out the spam on your end. The
     > > GNU setup only tags spam messages with several header lines
     > > starting with X-Spam. It does not block any message from reaching
     > > you.
     > This is how our anti-spam system is seutp.  Luis, are you not
     > receiving X-Spam headers on the emails you receive?

Luis M. Arteaga
GNU Translations Manager

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