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Re: [Solang-users] Problems viewing images in solang

From: Debarshi Ray
Subject: Re: [Solang-users] Problems viewing images in solang
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 19:32:24 +0300

> But when I'm starting solang i can't see no thumbnails(Just icons for them) 
> nor enlarged image, and following messages in terminal:
> [...]
> SW versions:
> solang 0.4
> tracker 0.7.24

Since 0.7.19, Tracker uses anonymous file nodes. Solang 0.4 was
released at a time when it was not so and that is why you are getting
the errors. Try to use the latest Git snapshot of Solang or wait for
0.4.1 to be released on April 15. In any case, Solang now looks for
Tracker 0.8.x, which is the new stable Tracker series. So you can
consider updating your Tracker installation too.

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