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Re: [Solang-users] photo dependesies.

From: Alexey Fisher
Subject: Re: [Solang-users] photo dependesies.
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 20:46:08 +0200


Am Samstag, den 13.02.2010, 18:33 +0200 schrieb Debarshi Ray:
> > i accidentally found your photo manager and allready like what i read.
> > Suddenly i can't test it until summer but i'll do it!
> Very good.
> > Now is the reason i writing to you.
> > I currently work on small program wich interpret DCIM name system before
> > photos will be imported. The next step will be to make photo importer
> > wich work with tracker and use info from this tool to tag it.
> Ok.
> > Information i talking about are: panorama and interval photos, audio
> > comments, and groups like original+modified photos (created on the cam).
> Ok.
> > I can provide this info to tracker but solang can't use it. Are you have
> > interest on it. I'll be happy to discus it with you.
> Right now Solang does not have any ability to import photos from a
> camera. Sometime ago we did have a camera importer but then we were
> not using Tracker but our own SQLite DB. Now that we are using
> Tracker, I thought it would be better to have a separate importer
> application which uses gvfs-gphoto and leverages Tracker.

I do wont to integrate downloader to solang, probably i'll start to make
separate one. What i mean, i wont to provide taging and relation
information for some photos. But this will be useless if nobody will use
it ;)

> > In attachment is my initial work in c. I learn c by my self, so if you
> You have done quite well, I must say. Good work. :-)
> > have some constructive comments to the code, i'll be happy to hear it.
> It is not very clear as to how to use the program. Would be nice to
> have some idea as to how to run it and what to expect as the output.

it should be only one part of downloader, but currently this is one
independent programm. Usage is simple:
./walker /media/digicam
it will walk true directory tree and look for image, video or audio
files. Then it will check if the file pattern is know. If not it will
put it to direkt output. If know it will putt it to the buffer check
what kind of group is it, (panoram, interval or audio comment) and tag
it and put out.
Current output is the console, it will print file names with number.
Each number is a tag.

> Also try to look at Gvfs and its gphoto backend for interfacing with
> the cameras. I had a small IRC discussion with Matthias Clasen and
> Bastien Nocera about this, but I do not have the logs on this laptop.
> Will try to dig them up for you from my netbook later.
> Also I will recommend using the address@hidden list because
> this one is mainly for the end-users. We usually discuss patches and
> other development issues there. It is fairly low traffic so it would
> not bother your inbox too much. :-)
> Happy hacking,
> Debarshi

Thank you,

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