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Re: [Solang-users] Can't find GDL-1.0

From: Debarshi Ray
Subject: Re: [Solang-users] Can't find GDL-1.0
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 21:16:54 +0530

(Putting solang-users in CC)

> I have finished installation. And it is exciting that it works and looks
> good.

Good that you like it. :-)

> But I may find a bug or something.
> The import action created some folders named "2008", "2009", but also
> "108","109". I guess "108" should be "2008" and "109" should be "2009".
> I have checked some of the files in folder "108" and "109". And they are
> created in year 2008 and 2009.

I have noticed this behaviour too. Thanks for bringing it up. We will
try to fix it before 0.2 comes out. Also from now on you can use
Savannah's bug tracker to report bugs:


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