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[Self-platform-users] lab launches a new community portal

From: Nagarjuna G.
Subject: [Self-platform-users] lab launches a new community portal for knowledge networking
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 06:34:46 -1000

The lab of Homi Bhabha Centre (HBCSE) launched a new community portal on 31st October 2008 to make concept maps of all areas of knowledge.  We are beginning with establishing dependency relations between concepts and activities.  Soon we will extend the site for TypeMap, PartMap, InteractionMap, ProcessMap etc.  Soon, a version of SELF Platform will be made that will automatically create structure of courses based on dependency map.

The site is waiting for community contributions and suggestions at

Could you please announce this to your out reach community.    Announcing and linking to will be appreciated.
Nagarjuna G.

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