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Samizdat 0.5.2, the Wiki release

From: Dmitry Borodaenko
Subject: Samizdat 0.5.2, the Wiki release
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 14:36:42 +0300
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Samizdat 0.5.2, the Wiki release

This version adds Wiki functionality to Samizdat, allowing to edit
messages and track history of changes. Messages may use Textile format
for advanced hypertext markup, editing may be limited to the original
creator or open for all site members. Other highlights of this release
are FastCGI support, configurable site logo, multiple usability
improvements, and the usual bunch of bugfixes. Once again, database
schema is slightly changed.

About Samizdat:

Samizdat is a generic RDF-based engine for building collaboration and
open publishing web sites. Samizdat will let users cooperate and
coordinate on all kinds of activities, including media activism,
resource sharing, education and research, advocacy, etc., by allowing
everyone to publish, view, comment, edit, and aggregate text and
multimedia resources, vote on ratings and classifications, filter
resources by flexible sets of criteria (see design-goals.txt). Samizdat
intends to promote values of freedom, openness, equality, and

What's new in Samizdat 0.5.2:

- message versioning: site members now can edit their messages and
  messages that were created "open for all"; previous versions are
  preserved and can be compared side-by-side

- Textile markup: in addition to text, verbatim plain text, and URI
  lists, Samizdat now supports Wiki-like hypertext markup in Textile
  format, based on RedCloth Ruby module

- FastCGI: in addition to mod_ruby and plain CGI, it is now possible to
  run Samizdat as a FastCGI application

- site logo: arbitrary HTML, configured from config.yaml, can be
  included by Samizdat in page header to display site logo

- usability: focus management interface reorganized to be more obvious,
  many informative labels and tooltips are added, sidebar is removed,
  resource rendering now generates anchors and navigation links



Dmitry Borodaenko

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