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[Ruqueue-user] can't see tickets

From: Kirt Sorensen
Subject: [Ruqueue-user] can't see tickets
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 11:04:46 -0400

(A rework of a previous submission)

The system worked fine upon installation. A day or two later, though, I create 
a new ticket, and don't see the new ticket in my most recently requested panel, 
or the queue. Knowing the ticket number, I can look the ticket up, but it has 
no subject or body in the History panel, history is blank. (if I modify the 
subject as root, it becomes visible again and has a subject.)

Logging in as root to open a ticket usually gets the whole thing going again, 
as does going in as root and modifying the subject of an invisible ticket. But 
by the next day or two, it's back to its old tricks.

I have two identical ruQueue systems, (one at home for testing and one [I 
thought] for production at work) - both exhibit the same symptoms. The OS is 
CentOS4.4 with whatever apache/mysql/php was installed with the system, or 
updated via yum. (I could get the version numbers, if that would help, but I 
think there's something more fundamental at work here.)

More ideas?


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