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[Ruqueue-user] new install - can't see tickets

From: Kirt Sorensen
Subject: [Ruqueue-user] new install - can't see tickets
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 12:21:53 -0400

The documentation is excellent, installation was a breeze. Everything's up and 
running (not currently using LDAP or notification via Sendmail yet, but soon...)

Problem: Acting as a Help Desk consultant, I log in, look up a user, create one 
if necessary, then open a ticket for them. I then go to my start page, refresh 
the queue, see the queue increment by one, then open the queue, and nothing's 
there except the canned test ticket. My login is configured for either "All 
access" or "Create/Delete/Modify Ticket" and "watch queue". I created one of 
each. (For that matter, logging in as root doesn't seem to make any difference, 
either.) This happens for both the Test queue and my newly-created queue.

I can search for and find tickets by number, and modify them. When I change the 
subject (under Basic, I believe) they then show up in the queue. I'm hoping I 
don't have to do a search every time I want to see new tickets.

I did initially have a problem with the salt value not being set up, but I 
fixed that using the instructions found in an earlier thread.

Any ideas? Or am I expecting something that just isn't in the RT/ruQueue 


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