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[Ranger-users] Release 1.9.3

From: toonn
Subject: [Ranger-users] Release 1.9.3
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2020 00:16:16 +0100

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

It has come to pass that a new version of ranger has come to see the light of day.

1.9.3 is here and it's here to stay!

Now with a longer changelog than ever before:

# 2019-12-31: version 1.9.3
* Added Comic cbz/cbr previews
* Added DjVu previews
* Added Font previews
* Added Wayland support to rifle
* Added `imv` to rifle
* Added `paste_ext` command with new name collision behavior
* Added a `size_in_bytes` setting
* Added a new `%any_path` macro to simplify use of bookmarks in commands
* Added a new image previewing method using `ueberzug`
* Added archive previews
* Added filters for uniqueness and duplicates by hash to `filter_stack`
* Added generic openers to rifle, `xdg-open` for example
* Added line modes with human readable size information
* Added loading of plugins from local configuration directory
* Added previews for 3d models using `openscad`
* Added previews of MS Office documents
* Added scrolling in preview
* Added trash functionality to ranger, as alternative to deleting files
* Added zathura to rifle
* Changed `c/p/tunmap` to `unc/p/tmap` respectively, fixing them in the process
* Changed argument order for `tag_toggle`
* Fixed `chmod` behavior with `000` quantifier
* Fixed a crash involving `Ctrl+space`
* Fixed behavior of statusbar when resizing terminal window
* Fixed busyloop when ranger's STDIN was closed
* Fixed drawing of borders in st
* Fixed handling of macros for `chain`
* Fixed unicode decoding errors for previews
* Improved VCS integration by truncating long commit messages
* Improved `bulkrename` behavior when moving files to a non-existing directory
* Improved `bulkrename`'s handling of files with utf-16 surrogates in the name
* Improved behavior of `rename_append` for directories
* Improved configurability of syntax highlighting previews
* Improved coverage of unofficial MIME types, mostly audio formats
* Improved documentation of `multipane` viewmode
* Improved documentation of optional dependencies 
* Improved documentation on `copymap`
* Improved documentation on `tab_shift`
* Improved documentation on `w3m_offset`
* Improved example shell scripts
* Improved extensibility of image previewing methods using a registry
* Improved fuzzy tab completion
* Improved guessing of file encoding
* Improved handling of configuration and cache directories when using `--clean`
* Improved handling of invalid mtimes (Relevant for fuse mounts)
* Improved logging of file deletion
* Improved testing and CI setup
* Improved updating of tmux/screen window names
* Improved updating of window titles
* Improved validation of bookmarks
* Improved w3m preview method for terminals that aren't quite compatible

Your humble ranger maintainer
 , toonn

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