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[Ranger-users] Version 1.9.0

From: hut
Subject: [Ranger-users] Version 1.9.0
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 20:21:21 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.9.2 (2017-12-15)

Hi ranger users,

It's been in the making for a long time, but here it is! Version 1.9.0

Relevant excerpt from CHANGELOG.md:

# 2018-01-25: version 1.9.0
* Fixed memory leak in w3m image preview
* Fixed `Q` binding, map it to `quitall` instead of `quit!`
* Fixed `gR` binding
* Fixed custom linemode not being applied to files
* Fixed w3m image display invocation on OpenBSD
* Fixed broken pager after changing view mode with `~`
* Added reset of rifle.conf when pressing `<C-R>`
* Added image-based PDF previews to `scope.sh` (disabled by default)
* Added terminology-based image previews
* Added check for `$VISUAL` environment variable
* Added setting `iterm2_font_height` and `iterm2_font_width`
* Renamed setting `cd_tab_smart` to `cd_tab_fuzzy`
* Changed command for mercurial integration from `hg` to `chg`

# 2017-11-19: version 1.9.0b6
* Fixed crash when parsing corrupted history file
* Fixed tab completion with `cd -r ...`
* Fixed crash when previewing files encoded in little-endian UTF-16
* Fixed flicker in previewing symlinked images
* Fixed detection of location of scope.sh
* Fixed crash when running ranger from the directory containing its package
* Fixed cursor position after moving half a page down and back up
* Fixed handling of lines that are too long for the console
* Added `<F2>` binding to `:rename_append`
* Avoid dereferencing symlinked directory when starting ranger in one
* Added support for `file://` URIs as path arguments
* Added setting `save_tabs_on_exit`
* Added setting `cd_tab_case`, sets case sensitivity of `:cd` tab completion
* Added setting `cd_tab_smart`, allows fuzzy tab completion with `:cd`,
  for example, `:cd /u/lo/b<TAB>` expands to `:cd /usr/local/bin`
* Added setting `global_inode_type_filter` to show only directories when
  running ranger with the new option `--show-only-dirs`
* Added setting `save_backtick_bookmark`, e.g. for easier syncing of bookmarks
* Added setting `one_indexed` to start counting line numbers from 1
* Added rifle.conf entries to list/extract archives without atool
* Added `:yank` command for simplified definitions of `yn`, `yd` & `yp`
* Added `:narrow` command, which filters selected files
* Added setting `freeze_files`, bound to `F` key, to avoid reloading files
* Changed `:shell -p ...` to display stderr in pager

# 2017-02-19: version 1.9.0b5
* Fixed width calculation of multibyte characters in preview
* Fixed crash in iTerm2 preview with python 3.5

# 2017-02-10: version 1.9.0b1
* Fixed crash when using `Mi` on files without reading permissions
* Fixed natural sorting (`11.jpg` < `100.jpg`)
* Fixed loss of precision in timestamps when copying
* Fixed smart case matching in `:travel`
* Fixed automatically disabling `preview_script` when running as root
* Fixed crash on sshfs disconnect
* Fixed crash on missing `~/.config/ranger/history`
* Fixed crash when path not accessible during start-up
* Fixed automatic tmux title
* Fixed urxvt image previewing when running tmux
* Fixed macro expansion in aliased commands
* Fixed `hidden_filter` option when combined with `:flat`
* Fixed various other crashes
* Fixed error message that occasionally pops up when changing settings
* Introduced extensive linting to ensure code quality
* Added continuous integration.  Patches now require `make test` to pass.
* Added handling of arguments in "$PAGER" environment variable
* Added quote parsing for `:setlocal path=...`
* Added `ys` to copy the selection to clipboard
* Added setting `hostname_in_titlebar`
* Added setting `wrap_scroll` to wrap cursor around when scrolling
* Added example plugin `plugin_fasd_add.py`
* Added command `jump_non` to jump to the first non-directory file
* Added additional arguments to the command `:rename_append`
* Added key binding 'zz' as an alternative to 'zf'
* Added option `-c` to the `rifle` file opener command
* Added support for `$XDG_DATA_HOME`
* Avoid exiting ranger while copying.  Use `:quit!` to quit while copying.
* Improved scope.sh (better performance & readability)
* Changed `ranger --choosefiles` to return all selected files in all paths
* Changed interpretation of commands: treat tabs as argument separators
* Changed `<C-n>` to open new tab in current directory rather than `$HOME`
* Changed `:quit!` to only close 1 tab.  Use `:quitall` to close all tabs.
* Removed backward compatibility for `options.py`, predecessor of `rc.conf`
* Automatically update bookmarks+tags when renaming them via ranger


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