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[Ranger-users] How to change default background color for entire console

From: Ryan Bissell
Subject: [Ranger-users] How to change default background color for entire console window?
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2016 00:30:50 -0500


(Before sending this, I searched the archives for 'background' and 'colorscheme')

I am using the 'ranger 1.6.0' that my distro's package manager provides. (Ubuntu 14.04.4).

I am having trouble finding a way (within my colorscheme) to modify the *entire* background of the terminal window, when ranger is running.

For example:  suppose, in my 'elif context.main_column' stanza, I set bg=5.   If there are only 7 files & directories listed in that main column, then only those 7 lines within that column will get painted magenta.   I want some way to specify that all the "dead space" within the terminal window should also get painted magenta.

"context.background" sounded like it might have been the thing I want, but I could never figure out what that was supposed to be changing.

Finally: I looked and looked for documentation on what each of the CONTEXT_KEYS mean.  Many of them are obvious, but some are not (such as, apparently, 'background')



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