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[Ranger-users] EDITOR not being read?

From: Michael Longval
Subject: [Ranger-users] EDITOR not being read?
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 10:49:10 -0400


echo $EDITOR  

will get me:


when I run ranger and keep going “Left-Arrow”, I end in in the "gnu-nano" editor

Now while gnu-nano is fine editor, I am addicted to vim so every time this 
situations happens I get withdrawal symptoms. 

In “a perfect world”, while inside of ranger:

going “Left-Arrow” into a file would send it to $PAGER (in my case 
‘/usr/local/bin/most’) ===> this avoids ACCIDENTAL edits.

To edit the file would be the ‘e’ key, which doesn’t seem to be mapped. (yes it 
functions in the console but not in “normal” mode …. ??? am I missing 

Any thoughts??


nb: I think it would be BEST to be able to override the environment $EDITOR and 
$PAGER in 


so as not to be reliant on the calling environment.

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