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Re: [Ranger-users] ranger 1.6.0 on the horizon

From: Joshua Landau
Subject: Re: [Ranger-users] ranger 1.6.0 on the horizon
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 20:37:27 +0000

On 18 February 2013 20:19, Roman Z. <address@hidden> wrote:
On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 08:12:39PM +0100, Miodrag Milic wrote:
> Nice example with binds and full RE. Clearly +1 for RE implementation.

Let's discuss then what kind of options will be available for the new
command.  I'll name it :scout for now.  I suggest these:

1. -a for automatic opening, as soon as there is only 1 match left

I think there should be a separation between "automatic open" and "automatic directory traversal". I like the second of the two most of the time, the first some of the time.
2. -e for automatic opening when the user presses enter

Can't you just use ESC and have this always-on? It's mostly pointless to have -k without -e, like this.
3. -k for keeping the console open until the user presses ESC

4. -s for letter skipping ("hl" matches "hello")
5. -g for globbing ("h*o" matches "hello")
6. -r for regular expressions ("h.*\w$" matches "hello")

1. ^ and $ are useful with -s and -g, even without proper Regex.
2. Do we need globbing really though?

I'd probably go:

-s for letter skipping
-r for ^ and $ (and maybe * if not -s)
-R for FULL REGEX (no letter skipping allowed)
7. -f for filtering the list of files to show only the matching ones
8. -t for the "as-you-type" feature
9. -m for marking all matching files

No arguments here. 

If none of -s, -g or -r are used, it matches when the given string is a
substring of the matching file name -- just like the :find command works
now.  Obviously -s, -g and -r can't be used together.

We could implement lots of commands with these flags:

With my suggestion ('cause no-one ever disagrees with me):
:find        -> :scout -aet 
:search      -> :scout -r
Now :scout -R

:search_inc  -> :scout -rt
Now :scout -Rt 

:travel      -> :scout -aeksft
Now :scout -aeksrft

:narrow      -> :scout -esft
Now :scout -esrft
And all users would be happy because they can combine the flags however
they want.

I can't speak for everyone, but I'm happy.

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