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[Ranger-users] cProfile results and fix

From: Rafael
Subject: [Ranger-users] cProfile results and fix
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 16:07:45 +0200


I had a issue with ranger when dealing with a file system over a network. It would hang on me for seconds when first entering the directory also when left idle for a while. Ran a profiler and found that the function taking the most time was named get_free_space called from /ranger/gui/widgets/statusbar.py:240

I have currently just changed the section to look like this:
            #right.add(human_readable(self.env.get_free_space( \
            #        target.mount_path), seperator='') + " free")                       
            right.add("", seperator='' + " free")

It solved my issue and also improved performance on my local file system when dealing with large amounts of directories.

Rafael Odzakow

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