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[Ranger-users] need %d (or maybe %D), like mc

From: Sitaram Chamarty
Subject: [Ranger-users] need %d (or maybe %D), like mc
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 19:46:20 +0530

I see ranger as almost replacing mc (my favourite for the past... what
10 or more years).  It might be a while before ranger starts doing VFS
(drilling into .tar.gz files, etc), but I don't need that too often
anyway, nor the fish stuff.

The *only* time I now miss the 2-pane scheme is when I'm doing
comparisions.  To be able to diff/kdiff3/gvimdiff, cp, or mv files by
using %d to mean directory in this pane, %D directory on the other
pane, and similarly %f and %F, is very nice.

Copying and moving files is not a problem.  "yy/dd" followed by  "po"
does that quite well.  It's running the diffs (or indeed any external
command that just uses the two filenames) that I miss.

So here're my thoughts/requests:

%f, %s: as now
%d: full path of directory in current tab
%F, %S, %D: like %f, %s, %d but for last visited tab; empty if no
other tab exists

Feel free to modify that "last visited tab" in any way you like.

Oh -- I suspect %d will be easy enough but not the uppercase ones.
I'm not in a hurry :)


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