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info usbhost changes ?

From: Pascal
Subject: info usbhost changes ?
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 15:48:25 +0100

for some time, the `info usbhost` command returns an error if no USB host device is shared beforehand.
this was not the case before.

(qemu) info usbhost
Command "info usbhost " is not available.
(qemu) device_add usb-host,hostbus=1,hostport=8,id=camera
(qemu) info usbhost
  Bus 2, Addr 2, Port 3, Speed 5000 Mb/s
    Class 00: USB device 04e8:61f5, Portable SSD T5
  Bus 1, Addr 2, Port 8, Speed 480 Mb/s
    Class ef: USB device 04f2:b6cb, Integrated Camera
  Bus 1, Addr 3, Port 10, Speed 12 Mb/s
    Class e0: USB device 8087:0026

regards, lacsaP.

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