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qemu: fatal: lockup...

From: abhijeet inamdar
Subject: qemu: fatal: lockup...
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2021 00:04:28 +0100


I'm getting this error. There is no hit for this in google as most are on Hardfault. The error is :

 "Taking exception 18 [v7M INVSTATE UsageFault]
...BusFault with BFSR.STKERR
...taking pending nonsecure exception 3
qemu: fatal: Lockup: can't take terminal derived exception (original exception priority -1)".

I have changed the address of the vectors(target/arm/cpu.c) to be placed for a Cortex-M3 machine where I want to place it or is it restricted to only "0x0". And is there any fixed size for the Flash size for the M3 machine(I don't believe but doubt) as it runs the test .elf for 1MB but we have only 512kb in our scatter/linker when run gives Hardfault! I used the -d and other options along with it but exit by giving the above error. Even trying to debug along. 

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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