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Re: [PATCH 10/26] hw/intc/arm_gicv3_its: Use FIELD macros for DTEs

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: [PATCH 10/26] hw/intc/arm_gicv3_its: Use FIELD macros for DTEs
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 12:23:56 -0800
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On 12/11/21 11:11 AM, Peter Maydell wrote:
Currently the ITS code that reads and writes DTEs uses open-coded
shift-and-mask to assemble the various fields into the 64-bit DTE
word.  The names of the macros used for mask and shift values are
also somewhat inconsistent, and don't follow our usual convention
that a MASK macro should specify the bits in their place in the word.
Replace all these with use of the FIELD macro.

Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell<peter.maydell@linaro.org>
  hw/intc/gicv3_internal.h |  7 ++++---
  hw/intc/arm_gicv3_its.c  | 20 +++++++++-----------
  2 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

Reviewed-by: Richard Henderson <richard.henderson@linaro.org>


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