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Re: [Protux-support] Tutorial Protux 0.20.1

From: Reinhard Amersberger
Subject: Re: [Protux-support] Tutorial Protux 0.20.1
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2005 13:31:13 +0100

The place support protux users <address@hidden> schrieb am 03.03.05 19:48:02:
> Dear Olaf Meltzer,
> Thanks a lot for updating your tutorial, it was a welcome surprise, at least 
> for me!

agreed .... a REALLY fine tutorial, thanks again!

> > My System is now SuSE Linux 9.1, soundcard M-Audio Delta Audiophile
> > 24/96, which connected to Protux (16 Bit/48 KHz max) looks a little
> > bit 'overdressed'.
> I think you refer to the "BusMonitor".
> It's indeed a problem, we are thinking on a solution. Suggestions are of 
> course welcome.

hey Remon, it's about 24/96 support I think  ;-)
isn't that already on your pesonal todo/wishlist list? hehehe ... ;-)

> > Feel free to link the tutorial on your site. If somebody wants to
> > translate it into another language, just mail me. I will send him the
> > LaTeX source.
> Thanks, we for sure will link to it.
> LaTex source would be fine, although my German knowledge is somewhat limited. 
> Perhaps Reinhard want to use it :-)

yes, I got the hint ...
@Olaf, please send me the LaTex source source so I will start a raw translation 
even though I haven't worked with LaTex stuff at least ...

ah, Olaf ....  apropos video editing and linux:
I also would like to quit editing my videos using windows applications, but 
unfortunatelly there 
is no real alternative under linux :-(

- kino is sufficient for doing simple hard cuts and for grabbing the footage 
(dvgrab), but
such simple things like adding a separate audio track is a pain ....

- there is an interesting follow up for kino (kino is feature freezed) called 
but not really usable right now ...

- the most promissing kdenlive seems to be a nearly dead project ...

- jahshaka is a very feature rich app, but still in an early stage and too much 
3d oriented
for my taste ... and lacks of a timeline ...

- lives is more a vj tool right now and also don't has a timeline right now 
(but is planned) ....

- pitivi is a new project, but also in an early stage ... but you will like it 
since the optic looks like premiere ...

- mainactor is commercial ...

- and finally the most promissing app called provitux ... hehehe .... ;-)
ok ok, just a joke .....  hhmmmm ..... really?!?!?!? ;-)
it's not a joke, but a dream I have .... so, to be serious.
wouldn't it a be a real revolution to edit movies by using jmb-shotcuts?
no, this is no question this IS A FACT!!!!!!!!
video editing would be speed up by an enourmous factor when editors could 
be use jmb-shortcuts! Especially with enhanced crop functionallity ...
btw - Olaf, did you tried ^C[X]LR  ?

but someone has to code such video functionallity in the end, so I think this 
will not become reality in a near future ...

but ... again a but .... ;-) it would be a good feature to have the ability to 
a video syncronized by protux at a starting point! ;-))


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