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[Protux-support] Re: ProTux

From: Luciano Giordana
Subject: [Protux-support] Re: ProTux
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 9:04:04 -0300

Hi J (sorry by the J, some characters from your first name didnt appear

I am forwarding your email to the bug-support team. Please, access our
mail-lists ( to get the replies. Please, if you can,
provide some additional info :

- which protux/libmustux , alsa, and qt versions did you try ?
- when first trying protux (from sources), did you get a src package or
chcked out from CVS (in this case, the current snapshot is pretty buggy)


--------- Mensagem Original --------
De: Hotmail <address@hidden>
Para: address@hidden <address@hidden>
Assunto: ProTux
Data: 14/05/04 00:47

> Hey there,
> I'm a network engineer and musician from melbourne, Australia and after
hearing about your program here in "APC" magazine I went straight to your
site to get it, but I've had a few problems.... I hope you speak/read
> I know you probably don't like getting mail about problems with protux
from very low-level linux users like my self but I have been trying to get
ProTux working for the last week...
> After compiling alsa-drivers, alsa-lib, qt ( becuase I didn't have "moc")
and libmustux ( with alot of aguments supplied to ./configure), ProTux still
wouldn't compile, and the only error I got from ./configure was:
> There is something wrong with you libmustux installation
> so I'm like, crap...
> I decided to get rpms, hoping my luck would improve with them. It didn't,
I got the ProTux rpm, but, and
couldn't be found, and they were all on my system...
> I ended up downloading all the rpms listed in the requirements for the
ProTux rpm and installing them all, and finally ProTux installed!
> But it won't run, it creates the .protuxrc file in my home directory and
then stops with the error contained in the file attached... (its copied
staight off the terminal
> I'm sorry to be a pain in the arse but I really want to try ProTux... It
sounds like a mad app! Also, if I can get it working I'll try to put some
static packages together to distribute around the melbourne music scene
aswell... With your permission of course...
> I hope you can help...
> -Jæm§ Horne

Horizon Serviços Digitais
Assine já! - 0300 789 70 90

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