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Re: [Protux-support] 20.1 input works + questions...

From: Remon Sijrier
Subject: Re: [Protux-support] 20.1 input works + questions...
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:26:05 +0100
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>  thanks for the quick reply.. compiled and installed the updated
>  mus/protux, which has indeed solved the input problem, thanks!

You're welcome ;-)

>  although i know protux is in its early stages.. i am just
>  wondering if the development team are inending to support the
>  ladspa plugin api and the jack connect server.. these two
>  environments could really extend the scope of this project, and
>  potentially save a lot of programming time..

Protux has its own framework for plugins and I have no idea if this can be 
extended to support ladspa. But you may ask this to the main developer, 
Luciano. He has more knowledge on this particular thing.

And I doubt if protux will support jack. Jack is used as a client-server, 
where the client acts like a plugin. It's also has a "callback-driven" 
interface which we had some discussion about on mustux-devel regarding the 
internal ALSA implementation:

Please Luciano, correct me if I'm wrong.

>  will look forward to future developments..

me to ;-)



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