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[Prelude-cvslog] help with alternator problem 91 prelude

From: lstein6
Subject: [Prelude-cvslog] help with alternator problem 91 prelude
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 21:52:18 -0600

my son has put a new jap engine in his 91 prelude.  everything is great
except the alternator has no current output.  i took the alternator down to
the store and had it tested.  the diode was blown.  where does the wiring go
between the alternator and the battery ?  there must be a fuse-able link
somewhere.  we have checked every fuse and they are all good.  the computer
is sending no codes.  the car runs perfect when we charge the battery.  but
is slowly drains since nothing is coming out of the alternator.  we have
checked and replaced all battery cables, terminals, grounds and now the
alternator.  help !  please email me directly, i do not have internet access
at work (no web browsing allowed).  thanks ! larry address@hidden

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